Staking & DAO Participation Eligibility

The native $BAKED token will be acting as the main value carrier within the reBaked products and the main unit of transactions among platform participants. The token is backed by ecosystem treasuries accumulated by incubated projects, which are actively managed by the RBKD DAO.

All products collect fees from 2%-5%, which are distributed to DAO participants who stake their tokens — Users need to have their tokens staked in the snapshot time, which is not announced to make users eligible for receiving the rewards.

One of the strongest value propositions of the reBaked project and the native token is that some of the platform’s proprietary products, such as Pioneers, are collecting fees from projects which are early-stage and valued in lowest valuation offered in a particular round, which has a great dynamic and opportunity for $BAKED token holders.

Staking on RBKD DAO will be available both on Ethereum & Polygon Network. Make sure to select the right network/ smart contract - otherwise, there is the risk to lose your tokens.

Why to stake your $BAKED tokens:

  • Receive 4.5% of Total Budget Distributed through reBaked Pioneers. The projects incubated/ accelerated through reBaked Pioneers are early-stage startups that have not issued their tokens yet. Due to the imposed risks of joining a project early, they offer the tokens in valuations lower or equal to those given to venture capitals. This creates a high potential. Those protocol fees are distributed equally to every eligible staker of the RBKD DAO. Additionally, for projects we incubate through reBaked Pioneers we will often extend an opportunity to the community to sponsor the talent pitching in with an Initial Yield Funding Round. Those rounds will be relatively small $10k-$100k and the total allocation will be divided equally to the number of eligible stakers who express their interest to participate. This is different from launchpad offerings, since you are becoming a collaborator and early supporter of the project- and not a passive investor. The launch timeline of tokens is not necessarily known in advance- hence the discounted offering comparing to the expected Initial Dex Offering that will follow.

  • Receive 4.5% from the total volume of grants distributed through reBaked BUILD. reBaked Build is an advanced Grant disbursment platform for established blockchain projects and a DAO payroll tool. For example for every $100k of tokens successfully administered through the platform, $4.5k worth of tokens will be distributed to those who are staking tokens. Blockchains platforms have announced mindblowing number of available grants, so reBaked even if will manage to attrach a small portion of the pie it's a considerable reward for the DAO stakers. Harmony Protocol has announced $300M in grants, NEAR Protocol $800M and Binance Smart Chain $1 Billion! In total, we believe that the total grants available across different blockchain projects exceed $5 Billion.

  • Similarly, a 5% fee is charged for all the fees successfully distributed through CrowdHack our decentralized hackathon platform

  • Finally, those who will stake the tokens they will have the option to participate in IDOs & IGOs offered through PlayShare- our community-driven launchpad. reBaked will launch a new type of public token offerings named "Treasury Boxes offerings". We believe that PlayShare’s Treasury Boxes will attract significant attention from the community due to its innovative, unpredictable and valuable nature.

    The Treasury Boxes are openly available on the market for purchase — but luck is an important element — since the content of our Treasury Boxes will remain a mystery/

    Users participating in Treasury Boxes will be able to earn tokens, NFTs (in-game assets/ virtual land), free NFTs, or even free tokens.

    In opposition to other launchpads, which are primarily driven by profit, PlayShare will focus on creating active communities, driving new users to products, and giving back value to early users for their contributions.

    reBaked is determined to be at the forefront of this growth by supporting promising initiatives and well researched projects.

  • It's important to mention, that eligible DAO voters will select the projects that will be offered for a Treasury Box Offering through PlayShare.

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