How to stake my $BAKED tokens

Terms, Requirements, and Details

  • Minimum stake amount: Our on-chain staking will require 25000 $BAKED tokens. You can work, provide value to the DAO and earn it or purchase tokens through secondary markets. Given the voting, participation rights, we believe 25000 $BAKED, and our current tokenomics makes sense. If you hold less than 25000 $BAKED you can try to engage in other activities with no minimum number of tokens as staking through exchanges or liquidity mining incentives (that will be released soon).

  • Minimum unstake amount: None. You can unstake everything at once, or just a fraction of your staked tokens, any penalties will only apply to the unstaked amount. The unstaking period has a duration of 30 days.

  • Eligible Participants: Any wallet with at least one stake of a minimum of 25000 $BAKED tokens is eligible to participate in all initiatives and receive protocol fees. Stakes on a single wallet are combined and multiplied. For example, if you stake 50000 $BAKED tokens you will receive proportionally double rewards, or multiple participation rights to our launchpad.

  • Unstaking period: A 30-day unstaking period will apply, during which no rewards will be accumulated. Tokens that are in their 30-day unstaking period won't count towards participation rights. Afterwards, you can withdraw your tokens to your wallet.

  • Long-term staking initiative: Initiatives & unique offerings will be announced at a later time for long-term staking participants- Stay tuned :) The DAO will vote about the duration of long-term staking.

  • Staking frequency: Any wallet can stake as many times as they would like. Each stake is unique — you can have a mix of short (undefined period) and long-term stakes if you wish.

  • Unstake penalties: No unstake penalties - other than losing protocol fees distribution and no whitelist to different offerings

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