How to stake $BAKED on Ethereum

How do I stake my $BAKED tokens on Ethereum [ Staking is also available on Polygon Network]

  • Go to and log into your Metamask account. Then connect your wallet from the top right.

  • Make sure you have $BAKED tokens on the Ethereum chain, otherwise if you try to stake your Polygon tokens those might get lost

  • Click on the "Approve" button to give access to the smart contract to lock your tokens.

  • As communicated, the locking period is for 30 days, and you need to stake at least 25000 or a proportionally multiplied number (50.000/ 75000/ 100000/125000/ 150000 or more) to be eligible to earn protocol fees and other benefits as outlined in the "Staking & DAO Participation Eligibility Page)

  • After clicking the Approve button please do not update/ refresh the page, so you will be re-directed to the Stake Page.

Then the loading page will appear - please wait until the Ethereum network will proceed with the validation of the transaction.

Once the transaction is validates- the STAKE button will appear. You click and then a Pop-Up button will appear and ask you to select the total number of $BAKED tokens you wish to stake.

Once you select the total number of tokens- then click the "STAKE X Number BAKED" and you will need to accept this transaction in your MetaMask Wallet.

Then you can go to the Transaction History tab to review the history of all your Staking transactions.

Both Verify & Unstake buttons will appear- but you won't be able to click them for the first epoch that will last for 30 days.

This guide will be updated shortly, while we are updating our Staking page to include more data, statistics, a list of snapshots, and rewards you have earned.

Thank you for staking with RBKD DAO!

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