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How to register as a Collaborator

You can Sign-Up as a Collaborator in this form:​
Once you successfully Sign-Up, head to the User Profile page to update information about you that will be important for decision-makers to accept you as a collaborator in a project. Don't forget that first impression matters :)
reBaked -Update Profile
In the tab, Basic Info- update information about you, but make sure to keep it short, educational, and high-level.
In the session Skills- add skills related to your expertise. This will help us show you more relevant opportunities in the future, while receiving relevant notifications.
Head to the session Resume to complete information regarding your Employment and Educational Experience.
Because experience and skills are more important than titles and degrees, it's important to showcase your portfolio. Make sure to add references projects that will be helpful to help you be included in a WorkTask.
Screenshot at Nov 17 20-56-48.png
Screenshot at Nov 17 20-56-48.png
Tasks on reBaked are collaboratively, so make sure to invite your friends, colleagues, and talented people to work with you- while earning $BAKED tokens as rewards for successful referrals.
In the session Referrals, you can invite your friends either via your link or by sending them an email. For every friend who successful subscribers, completes his profile, and earn his first WorkTask payout, you will receive $25 paid in USDC.
Do you have any questions, discuss them with our team in our Telegram community.